The primary purpose of the South Cowal Community Council is to find out, collate and express the views of the community and to make local authorities and other public bodies aware of the opinions, needs and preferences of the community.

Community Councils form the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland. They were originally created by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and were intended to bridge the gap between local authorities. There are currently around 1160 active community councils in Scotland.

This website aims to give you information about the work that the Community Council is doing on behalf of South Cowal. But we really want to hear from you with your suggestions for improving the area, about issues and problems, and about how your area is developing.

Please direct all communications to: Eleanor Stevenson, Convenor

Complaints Procedure

Key Principles of Good Complaint Handling

We have to be seen to be:-
And give suitable Integration and Feedback

Recommended Procedure

Acknowledge and intimate when complaint will be heard
Grounds of complaint to be discussed at the next scheduled meeting.
Complaint should be discussed in public and an appropriate course of action agreed upon.
Letter issued to complainant with detail of right to refer onwards to Council if dissatisfied.

Key Principles of Responding to Complaints

Be aware of the procedure
Attempt to resolve at first point of contact
Speed of response to complaint and informing complainant of what is happening are important.
Look into the entire issue.
Give apology if necessary
Decide on actions concerning issues which have to be resolved
Notify about right of appeal.

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