Saturday 13th – Sunday 21st May 2017 inclusive

Sadly, the South Cowal Community Festival is over for another year. There were many highlights including The Pet Show, Toward Sailing Club Open Day, Forestry Mini Tours, the Art Exhibition and the Open Gardens. If there was something special you enjoyed, please tell us about it or if something was not to your liking please leave some positive criticism so that we can think about improvements.

If you have any good ideas for next year’s programme please get in touch through our website or Facebook pages and we will consider them for next year’s programme.

The idea behind the Festival is to showcase the South Cowal area and to make everyone aware of the variety of activities which take place in the community. It provides an opportunity for clubs and groups to run events which may encourage new membership or raise funds whilst giving local people an opportunity to meet together in a fun way. Visitors from outside South Cowal are very welcome to take part in the Festival which caters for a wide range of interests.

Festival Programme details are available here

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